Enviro Span offers permanent or temporary Modular Culvert Systems


Enviro Span has developed the 'next generation' bottomless culvert with a combination of thoughtful design, and new material technology.

Government agencies, the general public, and companies alike, are demanding water crossings that respect and maintain the natural environment and water quality. Furthermore, they are requiring longevity and a reduction in the cost of long term maintenance.  In the new world of environmental responsibility, sensitivity and sustainability, the old culvert model is no longer appropriate in many applications. Something innovative was required to bridge the culvert industry from old to new, and Enviro Span is that bridge.

The advantages of Enviro Span are both numerous and remarkable, and once seen and used, self explanatory. These include the virtual elimination of both in-stream and stream bank disturbance, simplification and cost reduction of installation and shipping, elimination of leached toxins, extension of life span, reusability, and increased endurance under extreme conditions. From the beginning to the end of the process, delivering, installing, and de-activating a stream crossing, improvements have been designed into Enviro Span.

  • Patented, non-metallic, non-corrosive, non-leeching, and reusable permanent or temporary arch culvert system.
  • Suitable for use over fish bearing and environmentally sensitive streams without disturbing the stream bed.
  • Produced using modern viscoelastic material resulting in a durable non-metallic alternative to 100 year old rigid technology.
  • Available in span and elbow sections allowing for a precise following of the natural stream bed without additional disturbance.
  • Due to the lightweight material and innovative design, the bottomless culverts require less time, equipment, and manpower for environmentally friendly installations when compared to old school stream crossing methods.