About Enviro Span


 Enviro Span is strong and adaptable. The new materials technology used in Enviro Span will handle as much or more static and dynamic loading as a competing older style culvert. Perhaps more importantly, the inherent viscoelasticity of the material and use of compliant footings, will adapt when a road fill shifts or settles and places new stresses upon the structure. In conditions where older culvert materials often fail, Enviro Span will interact dynamically with the fill (forming a composite soil arch) and simply readjust, somewhat like "smart" material technology. This property also allows Enviro Span arches to be placed under much deeper fills or to respond positively to soil movements (such as settling, frost heaving, or earthquakes) than culverts made of older and stiffer materials.

Enviro Span is both long lived and reusable. Enviro Span gives you a culvert that can potentially last many times longer than older materials (highly resistant to low or high pH and to many corrosive chemicals). Furthermore, its strength and elasticity allow it to be easily removed and re-used many times over. Culverts no longer have to be strictly an expendable item. With Enviro Span, the user now has an asset that becomes part of a stream crossing inventory to be used over and over again for many years.

While Enviro Span is far easier and less expensive to install than conventional arch culverts, its environmental assets are also highly desirable. For example, The Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Canada and other major regulatory agencies in the United States, the USDA Forest Service and the EPA, are drafting and enforcing tougher stream crossing standards at this time. Conventional systems may no longer be adequate to meet these requirements without significant expensive modifications and installations. The Enviro Span modular culvert system is ideal for use in situations that no longer allow the use of traditional, conventional culverts in fish bearing streams or other environmentally sensitive water crossings. To provide stream crossing options in as many site conditions as possible, production is being planned for a full range of additional sizes.