The advantages of Enviro Span over old culvert materials and technology are both numerous and remarkable, and once seen and used, self explanatory. The product was developed to address many age old and recurring problems with stream crossings. These developments include the virtual elimination of both in-stream and stream bank disturbance, simplification and cost reduction of installation and shipping, ease of handling, elimination of toxins, extension of life span, reusability, and increased endurance under extreme conditions.

Sensitive fish bearing and fish contributing streams can be crossed in any season as no excavation either in-stream or on stream banks is required for most crossings. Heavy equipment is at no time required to cross through the stream as all of the work can be done from one side until the fill is sufficient to cross over. Enviro Span modules come as either straight or angled pieces, designed to follow the natural curves of a stream without requiring channelization.

In the new world of environmental responsibility, sensitivity and sustainability, there are other important features of Enviro Span and its new age materials. Enviro Span is inert and non-toxic. It will not rust and release heavy metal oxides into streams and/or sources of potable water. Further to that, the carbon footprint of the new materials is significantly lower than older materials. The life cycle of the engineering thermoset resin used in Enviro Span uses orders of magnitude less processing energy (and hence releases far less carbon into the atmosphere) than steel or aluminum in its manufacturing process. It also recaptures carbon from the oil refining process as the resin is made largely from formerly wasted (i.e. burned off) hydrocarbon components